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Preparing For Your Blog Presentation

November 24, 2015

During our last class meetings, you’ll each have the opportunity to present some of the ideas you have for your final blog project. I’ve asked you all to rethink your blogs for two reasons: 1) I’m hoping that you’ll be able to connect the kind of academic thinking we’ve been doing this semester with some of your own personal interests. 2) I’d like you to consider some ways that you might make writing a consistent and deliberate part of your day-to-day life. For your presentation, I’d suggest that you think about the four questions I listed in the assignment description:

  • What purpose will your blog serve? What will it help you to do?
  • How will your blog offer a critical perspective on your topic or thematic focus? In other words, how will it help you to reflect on and question the idea or activity you’ve chosen to focus on? How will it help you to pay attention to your own thinking or development in the area you’re focusing on?
  • What role does writing play in your blog concept? What rhetorical situation are you responding to? (Even if your blog is intended to be private — just for your own use — you should still be able to identify things like the exigence that motivates you and the constraints you are working within.)
  • How have you taken advantage of the possibilities that a blog offers? What have you done with your blog that you wouldn’t be able to do with another form of expression

Although you may not address each one of them in detail in your presentation, thinking about these questions will help you to organize your thoughts . The most important point, however, is for you to think about how the blog might help you to approach the activity or idea in question in a new way. How will it help you to take a critical perspective and to add to what you already know?

You can get some general ideas for organizing your blog by looking at what others have done. I’d recommend looking around online for other blogs to see what’s out there. You could start close to home by checking out the social media page for our own Admissions Office. There, you’ll find blogs by a number of student writers here at Washington College. (A general search for “blog” on the college website will also turn up blogs for a number of offices and programs here.)

Finally, I’d also suggest that you consider your presentation as an opportunity to practice speaking in front of other students. Our final presentations can be informal, but they shouldn’t be unprepared. Think about how you are representing yourself to your peers, and plan accordingly. Don’t simply answer the questions I listed above mechanically. Bring some of your own personality and energy to what you do. There are plenty of guides to giving presentations online, like this one, so look there for some tips.

Above all, be creative and think of how your blog might be useful to you. Good luck!



Tuesday, December 8: Aaron Compton, Jessica Dixon, Laiken Harrigan, Patrick Jackson, Erik Whitcomb

Thursday, December 10: Jon Cooper, Hannah Foster, Jamison Jensen, Kevin Sawyer, Charles Yang

Saturday, December 12: Ashutosh Aryal, Mia Jackson, Reanna Sherman, Kendyl Walton, Jungwoo Yun

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