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Extra Credit

Below, I’ll list two possibilities for extra credit in our class. For each extra credit activity you complete, I’ll add two points to your final reading quiz average (even if your average is already 100%). You can take advantage of up to five extra credit opportunities over the semester.

1) Complete a writing conference over a draft of one of your essays at the Writing Center:

Below, you’ll see that I’ve attached a debriefing form for use in our class. To receive the extra credit when you visit the Writing Center, download a copy of the debriefing form from the link below, fill out a copy of the form after your writing conference, and return it to me within a week of the date of your appointment.

I’m offering you this extra credit opportunity for two reasons:

The first benefit of completing a writing conference is fairly obvious. You’ll receive feedback from another student writer that will ideally help you make changes and improvements to your paper.

But there’s a second benefit that I think might be even more important. When you meet with someone in the Writing Center, you’ll have the opportunity to talk through your ideas with another knowledgeable person and see the effect your words have on a reader. You’ll also have the chance to focus your attention on specific decisions you’re making as you write. Those acts of reflection and deliberate practice are essential to everyone’s growth as writers. Another way of saying this is that a writing conference will most likely improve the product you’re working on (your essay draft) as well as the process by which you’re creating that product.


Writing Center Debriefing Form


2) Add an additional post to your blog:

I’ll offer extra credit any time you add a substantial post to your blog (see below for details about what “substantial” means) that isn’t a part of our regular class assignments. For the blog post to count, it should be between 300-500 words, and it should be based on a writing related event or concept. Here are some possibilities:

* Attend an event on campus – a reading or a presentation by a faculty member or visiting speaker, for instance – and in your blog post, reflect on how that event offered some insight into your own understanding of writing. Did it offer you something new to think about related to writing? Did it connect in some way to the concepts we’ve been discussing.

* Reflect on something you’ve read – or written – outside of this class and connect it to one or more of the concepts we’ve discussed.  For instance, you might comment on something you’ve read in The Elm or some other publication.

When you add a new post to your blog, please let me know that you’ve done so. If you’re writing about an event, the post should be made within the following week. All extra credit blog posts must be made by the last day of classes.

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